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About J2S.

Welcome to June Sky Studios, the animation studio that bridges Grenada to the world, and the world to Grenada. Our goal is to bring our love for art, mathematics and storytelling to life in every project we work on. We strive to interact with our customers and partners, listen to their needs, and work together to create something special. We encourage you to join us on our journey as we make animated dreams come true.


Introduce the Animation Industry to Grenada. And Grenada to the Animation Industry 

Connecting Grenada to the Animation Industry will boost its developing economy. New roles will be accessible for our citizens. This improves the financial lives of each and by extension the financial outlook of Grenada.  

An opportunity for the Animation Industry to be shaped by Grenadian Citizens. Fresh perspectives encourage progress and innovation. The Grenadian perspective is shaped by a combination of present daily life and traditions and historical context. Think of the Time the US invaded Grenada. What happened there? 

For the Love of Art and Mathematics 

Art and Mathematics are two takes of the same scene. In this situation both need to be added to the final cut since they are equally infinitely indispensable. Through our work we illustrate the structure of Art and the beauty of Mathematics. 

Interact with Customers and Partners and Give Back to Their Communities 

We understand that we are better when we all are. This is why we value interacting with and serving not only our customers, but also their communities.  

Question Culture: Question the unknow and Challenge the Know 

Different, unique, unorthodox. We want to create and not duplicate. And to do so, it is important to challenge convention. 

We are a Research Company 

 We gain our competitive advantage by understanding trends and evolution in our customers and clients. We then apply the same analysis to their customers and clients. We pay close attention to our industry and neighboring industries. Adhering to best practices and learning from our competitors. External uncontrolled factors such as political events and changing social norm/trends are also followed. 

We are a Transparent Company 

We believe in Transparency. We do not claim to be honest; we prove to be. Whether it is with Employees, Customes or Regulators, we proactively provide all relevant details completely and timely.  

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